Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Middle-aged Motif

I have decided to start a blog today.  It is a courageous mission for a person of periodic insecurity, such as myself.  But I have felt called to do this for a while now in order to get over the fear of putting myself out there (I'm in recovery, so to speak).  I am currently working on a music ministry-I lead worship in my church here in Topeka, KS, I sing in a Christian band outside of church, and I sing on my own with another music partner, as well.  Therefore, getting over my fear of speaking and sharing with people is becoming more essential.  As a former elementary teacher, talking is not my problem (just ask my husband).  But talking to kids is quite different than speaking to adults and standing before them.  It requires a totally different skill set (and mind set for that matter).  I am hopeful that through this blog I will lessen my fears of this even more.

I am also starting this blog because as an avid Facebook rebel, I desire to write but not force upon anyone my writings or daily comments. I figure if someone wants to read this, they can or will come seek it out.  As a recent Google+ person, I have also discovered that I do not wish to be "blogging" (writing at length), on a site where "posting" (writing short comments), is actually more appropriate. I felt I was crossing the line of forcing people to see and/or read my lengthy dribble.  I was never any good at short, pithy comments-my mother should have named me, "Wendy."  Therefore, I think having an actual blog spot is more suitable.

My high school Honors English teacher, who happens to be my favorite teacher of all time,  is an accomplished, gifted, and devout writer.  She is a wonderfully kind, genuine, supportive person, and I have kept in contact with her since I left high school.  She is the reason I became a teacher.  She was so real, honest, and inspiring as a teacher, and I wanted to be just like her.  I wanted to work with kids and be a light in their lives as she was to me.  She and a few of my college English professors all encouraged me with my writing, told me to continue writing, and to even consider doing so on a professional basis.  I chose not to take that path in life, but have always written in various forms for my own personal benefit (poetry, stories, songs, etc.).  Writing is a form of therapeutic expression for me-it is a great nourishment to my soul.  I think in some ways it helps me express myself without talking others to death!  But I have always had a great appreciation for fittingly written or well-spoken words.  As Proverbs 25:11 says, "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."  I believe this to mean that pleasing, well-contrived words are not only pretty valuable to the receiver, but are also quite dazzling to the beholder.   I would agree.

The title I have chosen for this blog reflects what I hope for it to be-a wide range or scale of topics geared towards middle-aged females (but hopefully, others outside that demographic will enjoy reading it, as well).  I have always loved to write and would like the opportunity to hone my skills through this blog.  I have had the opportunity to write an e-devotional through my church's website and thoroughly enjoyed being asked to be a part of the authorship of that project.  Much of this blog will hopefully have that same purpose-to bring Christ and His Word into daily topics and personal issues (in essence, to bring purpose and meaning to the mundane and the not-so-mundane).  My desire is to share some thoughts on superficial topics at times, (such as music, art, culture, food, sports, entertainment, travel, financial advice, and general daily living), but also share about topics on the opposite end of the spectrum (deeper, more soulful topics-matters of the heart and of a spiritual nature).  It is my hope and prayer to be as honest, real, and vulnerable as I can safely be through this blog, while at the same time, preserving my own privacy and respecting those in my life who do not wish to be a part of this blog.  If I cross that line at times, I ask for your mercy, respect, and understanding.  No full names will ever be used in this blog (other than reference to my immediate family, famous people, or those in the public eye), and rarely will first names be mentioned here (and only if done so in a positive light--no one named would ever be defamed here).

I should put forth the fact that I am a Christian right here at the start.  I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since I was 9 years old.  He is my Savior, my Friend, my Father, my everything.  My faith is my entire life. So as a disclaimer, you should be aware up front that much of what I write on this blog will reflect this fact in some way (at least, I hope it does-I do not ever desire to compartmentalize my faith).  Along with that, it is my prayer that nothing I write here will defame the name of Christ (or anyone else, for that matter).  Naturally, and for the cause of, "keeping it real," I am certain my personal feelings will be shared or revealed in this blog at times. Sadly but honestly, these are not always a perfect example of "Christian living" (see, I'm already vulnerably confessing to you)!  But it is my prayer that even my editorial-styled blogs will have an overall positive connotation or message.  I hope and pray to write in such a way that Christ is always honored, that the truth of what He does in the lives of those who seek Him is revealed, and that those who read this blog will feel encouraged and inspired as they walk through the middle-aged season of life I have recently entered myself.  Thanks for reading.