Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bucket List Imperative

Two words--Red Rocks.  If you're over 40 years old like me, then you've more than likely compiled some form of the epidemical "bucket list," even if it's an intangible, incomplete one like mine.  Perhaps you're looking for a new addition to that list, and I've got just the one.  This addition is essential.  Last week, my husband and I had the great experience of attending a James Taylor concert at the "Red Rocks Amphitheater" in Morrison, CO on July 23, 2012.  Not only was it the best concert we've seen to date (we are huge JT fans), but this music venue was the most amazing place we've ever had the blessing of experiencing.  This place literally took our breath away.  It almost felt like a fantasy just to behold it.  We stood there compelled to gaze and marvel at the amphitheater with its perfect, naturally designed stage, seating locale, and monolithic rock adornments of amazing texture, size & color, knowing that only God Himself could have created this.  I immediately thought of the story in Luke 19:37-40 where the Pharisees rebuke Jesus, telling Him to tell the crowd that is praising Him to stop it (since they believed He was just a teacher, not the Messiah, or God in the flesh, who deserved to be praised). He replies to them, as verse 40 states, "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."  In other words, even the rocks sing His praises.  The monolithic rocks in this venue definitely sing His praises. 

At 6,450 feet above sea level, this theater is acoustically ideal with the consummate combination of thin air and rocks, which easily enable the sound to permeate and bounce flawlessly.  We sat on the 14th row on an atypically windy night and felt like we were on the first row, the music was so penetrating and lucid (and the seating is such that there truly isn't a bad seat in the venue).  If you've been to my Google+ profile page, you may have already seen my post on this experience or perhaps checked out my photo album from it.  But I felt it was a more than worthy blog topic, as well.  This venue only holds 9,450 people, making it feel even more special (and making YOU feel special). It gives you the feeling of exclusivity and intimacy (quite a different experience than seeing a show in a massive coliseum made of concrete and steel).  Please feel free to check out my additional remarks on "Red Rocks" by going to my profile page (see link on the right side here), clicking on, "Photos," and selecting the album entitled, "JT @ Red Rocks."  You can easily click individual photos there for added notes, facts, and personal comments.  Ticket prices for Red Rocks are never cheap, but trust me--they are priceless.  You won't regret forking over the dough.  Prepare to be blown away (and I'm not talkin' about the wind).